Inside out - What I offer in the world

Guidance to find our natural selfs

Always I was wandering what needs to happend trough me into this world. „Why I am here?“ I was looking very hard what it is. I really wanted to know the right job for me. Job that would fit to who I am.what is naturally relation to me. I was looking for my professional and personal identity. Well, I really did not find myself (natural self) in anything. Strong life events have allowed me to see my imaginations about me (who I think I am, who I should be). My identity has been broken into a million pieces. And thanks to this, I could feel the infinite space, inner freedom and find myself (in), my natural self.

I believe we all want to find ourselves. Like me, we are mostly looking in the outside world. And sometimes we think we're looking inside, but in fact we are mostly just thinking about it. The answer to the question „Who am I?“ cannot be found through words and thoughts, but we need to experience this answer.

Strong life situations (partner crises, gaps in relationship, parenthood, loss of a close person, falling in love, „onesided“ love, serious illness, relocation, change of work, burnout, depression, etc.) are the best doors to yourself. During life we will get some opportunities to meet ourselfs ... how can we use these chances?