Who am I

In this world we take on our role as a person. For me, it's a mix or a structure of ideas about who we are. The story of Veronica I described in 2016 as follows:

I studied psychology. My study path led through the Hotel Academy in Žilina, from which I decided to go to university. The transition from secondary school hotel orientation to the psychology department did not go easy and straitforward, but psychology was the right decision and in May 2011 I passed a master's degree successfully with a master's degree program at the Comenius University in Bratislava. Already during university studies, I started attending various psychological experience seminars and workshops focused on personality growth and development.

Today when I ask myself the question WHO AM I? The answer does not come through sentences in my head, but through the internal experience. I have found what I was looking for.

I found myself. In my life I experience, freedom, love, happiness, gratitude, blessing of life.

Work experience related to counseling and psychology:

- CPPPaP (center of pedagogical-psychological counseling and prevention) in Bratislava as a psychologist. I was involved in both interventions and prevention activities - both individually and in groups - with children, youth, teachers and parents.

- SHR (Slovak humanitny council) - psychologist at ÚPZC (Foreign Police - detention center) in Medveďov. Psychological support and counseling for detained foreigners from the Third World.

- Freelancer –- In addition to individual counseling, I helped to deliver the " Teachers empowered" project at several schools in Slovakia. I have been working as a trainer of soft skills for companies. I have facilitated public discussions.

In addition to my main education, I have attended the following training prgrams:

- Career guidance – Navigation in the search for a profession (Navigácia v hľadaní povolania s.r.o.)

- Integral work with change and motivation individually, with couples and groups - Couchingplus s.r.o.

- Teachers empowered (Teachers empowered) – Gruntkraft - A company of changefacilitation Ltd., Leadership in groups.

- Distant Counseling – Child line, Unicef

- Annual tantric training for individuals and couples with John Hawken 2010/2011.

- WorldWork 2017 in Greece – I was part of the implementation team as a facilitator of small groups and individual sessions. World Work seminar is an international event (more than 500 people from more than 40 countries around the world took part in this event). Global themes and conflicts are being explored here with a deep democratic view/attitude. (more on processwork.sk)